FileMaker Database Development

FileMaker Reporting & Systems Integration for Non-Profits and Government

The Washington funding environment puts special demands on database reporting capabilities. To justify your funding, you have to run the numbers. But detailed reporting requirements can become nightmarish burdens without customizable database tools. At Inner File, Washington’s emphasis on getting the numbers out there in specialized formats is just a fact of life. We build exactly the database tools you need to report all the details of the good work you are doing.

In addition to onerous reporting requirements, the many systems supporting large organizations, can be dificult to manage. Imagine having FileMaker be your caller ID and pulling up your client's record on the screen before you answer the phone. Imagine having FileMaker write and read information from your organization's MySQL database. Imagine your web site updating your FileMaker database. When you are ready to stop imagining, give us a call. If it is digital, we will integrate it.

FileMaker Pro Training in Washington DC

Inner File has FileMaker Pro training for all levels of FileMaker users, from data entry to sophisticated relational database development. Our training is at your location and on your system, the best way to learn.

Selected Projects from our FileMaker Portfolio

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