PRG, the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, builds a mobile FileMaker website to plan rock shows

Production Resources Group (PRG) serves a range of markets, including concert touring, corporate events, trade shows, special events, theatre, television and film. Their staff offers years of experience serving the specialised needs of each of our markets. For a given market, they can provide a single discipline, such as lighting, audio or video, or we can bundle disciplines for an integrated solution that meets the needs of the entire project. PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, and scenery and automation systems, for these markets from more than 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Our project with PRG was a fairly complex FileMaker integration. It allows for users to not only browse the available components for rent and view detailed specifications, but to also compare similar items, using various criteria. A second phase of development included a "Show Builder" utility, which allows users to add the products to a sort of Cart, get the total weight and other cumulative totals relevant to the gear for the show being assembled. Some complex calculations were needed to arrive at the summary, but the result is a web-based tool that allows users to "build the show" ahead of time and anticipate the technical, electrical, computing, and other needs to actually make the show a reality. All data is still managed in-house in FileMaker, but the Gear Monkey app allows employees in the field to pull out their iPad (all pages responsive/mobile-first), see what's available and put together the show's components in real time to get an idea of what is needed, on the spot.