Master Your Software

Software packages such as FileMaker Pro and Drupal are large and can be difficult to master on your own. Getting the software installed and configured is often the easy part.

Software books are good, but time consuming. Plus, it is difficult to ask a book a question. At Inner File, our experienced developers provide on-site instruction, custom tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We offer Drupal and FileMaker Pro training in Washington DC.

FileMaker Pro Training, in Washington DC

FileMaker Pro training in Washington, DCInner File provides FileMaker Pro training for all levels of FileMaker users. It does not matter if you are doing data entry, reporting, or developing sophisticated relational databases, we can help you get to the next level.

Drupal Training, in Washington DC

DreamWeaver training in Washington, DCWe offer Drupal training for content providers, site managers, themers, and module developers.

On-Site Training

Inner File offers custom training sessions at your office, assuming you are in the Washington, DC metro area. Lessons are always customized to the needs of the organization or individual receiving the training. All lessons will be followed with a free flowing question and answer session, where the instructors can help students with any tough questions they might have. Contact us to schedule software training today.

Surprisingly Affordable One on One Training

Having an experienced FileMaker developer or web designer give customized training is no longer out of the price range for small organizations -- even individuals -- in Washington, DC. Inner File offers on-site, customizable training. Get the answers to those tough questions. Schedule some training today.